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6 Responses so far.

  1. Good day. My name is Bradford with Haas & Wilkerson Insurance. I would like to speak with you about your current insurance plan, our program, and how we might be the perfect fit for the Watermelon Fest! Please email me back, or just give me a call @ 913-676-9307 to discuss further. Thank you for any consideration and enjoy your day! Bradford

  2. Patty Tripp says:

    We enjoyed having you Camm!

  3. Rebecca Turner says:

    Just curious, how many watermelons are eaten throughout the festival?

  4. Bob Ehlers says:

    I think it would be more child friendly if the part of the grounds just past where the cars were parked was used for the children’s playhouses instead of throwing away old junk and wood, because that area of the grounds held the most shade of anywhere. Kids playhouses set up in full sunlight get very hot and uncomfortable to be in. We would have stayed a lot longer and let them play and probably spent a little bit more money, but we do not let them participate in fun anymore that might adversely affect their health or welfare. It was an excellent time as always. I have brought my children here for years and now are bringing the grand-kids but I just saw something I thought would help in the future……

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